Computers for Seniors

If you are inexperienced, there are several computers for sell that are designed for seniors. Desktops usually work out the best. The Telikin has been on the market for a few years and is an excellent computer for people who are just learning.

Happy senior citizen couple using laptop computer at home

It’s ready to use out of the box. And has an all-in-one touch screen. It has a big button menu with all your favorite apps all the time. By touching the screen the menu of your choice, will appear at the touch of a finger. You get email, games, weather, photo sharing and more. It comes available in two sizes an 18 inch LCD touch screen and a 20 inch touch screen, The Telikin comes with built in speakers a microphone wired mouse and keyboard. It also has a tech buddy so your loved ones can access your PC remotely if you need help.

It runs on Linux software instead of standard windows. The Telikin is virus- resistant and comes with a one year warranty with free tech support. Telikin has a partnership with a company called First Street, which is a senior product marketing company. Branded as the WOW! Computer training for senior citizens.
Another option is the MYGAITELITE COMPUTER. This is a mouse operated computer, that has a large -letter colored keyboard, with a one click function for any page you wish to visit. It also has a simple zoom that lets you magnify up to 200 percent, with a trackball mouse that makes it easy to handle for the hand and wrist. This computer also comes with a built in webcam, and a DVD/CD player. It has dozens of games and a customer service package which protects you from spam and viruses. It also provides computer updates and if you ever get stuck, it also offers a help line.
If you need something mobile there are several tablets on the market for seniors, The Claris Companion combines a computer, mobile phone a digital picture frame. It has a ten inch screen with large text buttons, with amplified sound. It also has a bamboo frame that’s very easy to hold and a stand that props it up. It provides access to email and text messages. With web and photos and chat. This tablet can be personalized to fit your needs and abilities.